String FX is Salt Lake City’s premier Electric String Quartet. Creating a new group from the SLSQ in 2019, the members of String FX wanted to dive deeper into the popular and rock genres while experimenting with sound through electric instruments. Through creative arrangements and use of backing tracks or guest band members, they aim to rock and move audiences in a way not often seen from string players. Not only are they creative on the stage through choreography, lighting and sheer energy, they bring that creativity to the internet through engaging and exciting videos and tracks available on Youtube and streaming services. String FX are more than entertainers, they are artists who are out to change and enrich the string world, one beat at a time.

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We are a female-owned and female-run group who are trying to make an impact on the local and global music scene. We are all seasoned performers with clear goals and a well-developed plan. String FX combines well produced, creative online content with a fantastic stage show in order to inspire love and support for the string tradition. Most importantly, we strive to inspire the next generation of both girls in music and string players who may feel constrained by the current industry. Artists (especially musicians) have so many barriers and expectations from society and as women, these multiply. The expectation to be beautiful, sexy, perfect or constantly curated can be overwhelming. Our deepest mission is to show that you don’t have to be the best player in the whole world or a runway model to follow your dreams. You simply need to start doing it.

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Kaitlin Findlay - Cello

Kaitlin grew up studying the cello with Dr. Carey Cheney. She won the high school concerto competition her Junior year of high school and was accepted to the National Cello Institute Advanced Residency Program 2 years in a row. She went on to work with Dr. Wesley Baldwin at the University of Tennessee and Dr. Brent Smith at Snow College. She received an honorable mention in the Snow College Concerto Competition 2016 and graduated from the Commercial Music Program in 2018. She loves exploring new sounds and possibilities on her instrument as well as arranging for the the quartet in her spare time. When she isn’t playing with the SLSQ or String FX, she loves making videos for her Youtube channel, performing with Nick Passey and the Perpetual Sadness and teaching her music students.

Sarah Olsen - Violin and Viola

Sarah Insalaco Olsen has been playing every stringed instrument she could get a hold of since the age of 10. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Music at Snow College where she played multiple instruments in several ensembles while also writing music for these ensembles as well as for theater, game, and film projects. Sarah joined the Salt Lake String Quartet in 2017 on violin and viola, and has loved playing rock, pop, and classical music while traveling the Midwest with them. She also writes and arranges music frequently for that group and for their sister quartet String FX, of which she is also a member. Sarah currently writes film, video game, and music library tracks with her husband, and she also teaches orchestra, working to inspire a passion for music in her students.

Crista Shoemake - Violin

Violin Artist Crista Guthrie Shoemake is a performer, arranger, music educator, and music ambassador. Crista has also performed onstage with artists such as Josh Groban, Piano Guys, William Joseph, David Archuleta, and Cyndi Lauper. From 2015 to 2017, she joined the violin-piano duo 92 Keys, a classically-trained group who created thrilling, cinematic arrangements of popular songs and created music videos for them on YouTube. She contributed to the first 92 Keys EP, available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and other music platforms. Since then, she has performed solo arrangement works by the Beatles and Queen and performed in unconventional venues such as an airport terminal, Trader Joes grocery store, IKEA, a New York City subway station, and an animal sanctuary in Costa Rica. She is the most recent member of electric string group String FX and creates music videos and audio recordings for all streaming platforms.

Crista has received undergraduate and Master’s degrees in violin performance from BYU-Idaho and ASU. She currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and puppy Woody.